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Who We Are?

We are a team of experienced, versatile and creative professionals that distinguishes us from the mediocre thinking.


At Tiqvah, we don’t think out of the box, we throw the box out!


Cultivating the old school generation ideology to being part of the Z generation, we believe "simplicity is the key"!  


We deliver strategic solutions, translucent objectives and integrity in our services. As they say "It’s not what you sell -- it’s why you sell it"  


“We inspire, we create, together in a journey”




The Tiqvah’s


Suraj Alvito Da Costa: The Company’s Managing Director with an extensive work knowledge and experience of 16 years in the advertising and marketing industry of Dubai; Passionate and versatile in his job, he believes in peace and harmony.


Speak to him: +971 50 6071199 or drop him a line: 

We Are a Digital Agency.

What We Do?




Our Portfolio

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